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The Express Purpose of these pages is to offer information and links to sites we believe will help you, our clients, plan and more fully enjoy your travel to St John, USVI!

We hope you find what you're looking for!

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Our TOP PICK for Coral Bay...

MISS LUCY's - Great Caribbean cuisine with a local flair...its a landmark right on the water... Can't beat the seating and the new things coming your way!!

St. John, USVI...where life's a WORLD-CLASS beach and the 6-Paq Scuba Team helps to make your vacation a World-Class experience!

Yes it really is this nice down here all year round. You can leave your jeans and jackets at home...your thick wetsuits, too...although, some of us now accustomed to paradise weather need them when it drops below 82 degrees! Water temps range from 85 in the summer and fall to 78 in the winter.(Water saps body heat away 20-25 times faster than air! So, no, in the water we're not weanies for wearing wetsuits!)

Dress is VERY casual!

How do we Get Around?

Car Rentals? Do we need one? It depends on where you stay...from many places in Cruz Bay, you can get by easily without a car. If you go the Villa route, you'll need one. While prices are pretty much the same, regardless of who you rent from, many now let you park back in their lot...a great tip for those who want to be "in the know!"

Who do we rent from?

Spencer's: 340 693-8784

Courtesy: 340 776 6650

Best: 340 693-8177

For Your Own Private Taxi on St John: Our 2 favorites...Garnet Alexander 340-776-6757 or Spencers 340 693-8784.

How do we get from St Thomas to St John?...on Ferries and Car Barges, of course!

People Ferries to St John, USVI

Redhook (on the hour)

Downtown Charlotte Amalie at opportune times during the day.

Which do we prefer? In the end, either way costs about the same. BUT, loving the water, we'd rather ride 45 minutes on a ferry and 5 in a cab than 45 minutes in a cab and 20 on a ferry! You choose!

Car Barges - With more people renting cars in St Thomas, stopping to buy a few groceries over there (oops!) then barging to St John, the lines have gotten outrageous and the barge schedules are pretty much no more. It's become a real hassle! Varlack and Boyson are the barge companies to call for schedules, but you need to be there by about 6 to get in line for the last barge!

St John Shuttle - A water taxi if you miss the ferry, barge, or just don't want to deal with it all.

Did You Know???

One of our divers sent us this quote: "In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught." Baba Dioum, Senegalese Conservationist.

With that is mind a few "in-the-know" social "mores" (or are they norms?):

The West Indians love to hear "a Good Morning" type greeting and consider it rude to be in public without a shirt.

Speaking of shirtless...no more jumping from the Willie T, with or without shirts!

Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink...

The drinking water in St John is either caught on cistern or created from desalinization...It's good to conserve! (Yes, when we go home stateside to visit, we St Johnians take 30 minute showers three times a day to celebrate! No, that's not why so many drink Rum...Gin is the alcohol to keep mosquitos away.)

Speaking of mosquitoes...we do have mosquitos, even in paradise...they keep us on our toes! Do bring repellant and we do have some local, environmentally safe sprays available!

A plethora of Caribbean travel ideas:

Virgin Islands Now

What's a good site to plan your travel or move to St John? Those we asked, said VI Now! Then they mention St John Tours. If you're looking for web services, our experience with VI Now has been fabulous and flawless.

Orrin's Carribean Index

St John Tour

A few noteworthy Businesses outside friendly St John:

A special thanks to our friends at LeisureCat/AussieCat Australia. Looking for a great boat? Their's are the best!

Thinking about a long week-end of diving in the Florida Keys? Our top pick is Conch Republic Divers...We dove with them a few years back. They are great people offering great diving! Voted best of the Keys!


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