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6-Paq offers scuba the way we all like to dive...nice and easy...at our own pace. We do a full or partial day outing that can include skin dives if you'd like.

"6-Paq fulfills my dream," says owner/operator, Colette. "A dream that began to take shape when I made my first Caribbean dive in 1989. Seeing that amazing world of tropical, coral, fish and blue water after inspection dives in California’s murky dams, canals and rivers, and helping with scuba classes, was all it took.

"On that day this North Dakota farm girl began planning her departure from the lifestyle of an upwardly mobile water resources engineering career with her own beach condo to ultimately moving to the US Virgin Islands to teach, take people diving and start her own dive operation.


"That was the start of a love-affair diving St John and surrounds, giving clients many memorable moments.

"I tailor our instructional style and charter dives to meet individual diver's needs. I go the extra mile to get everyone the best dives possible...helping divers overcome and work through their technical difficulties. After 6800 dives, most in the US and British Virgin Islands, this usually happens quickly.

"It also gets us long dives and encourages marine life to stay and play rather than run away. On the way back, my crew and I love to stop at our favorite watering holes or picnic coves to chill out and chat with our guests! We also know that everyone has their own ideas, so if you'd like something tailored to you, we'll help you create your ideal private diving day!

"Along with our website and brochures, our clients have all come from word of mouth referrals...those who happened to meet me and my staff, or the many repeat customers."



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Member of PADI and NAUI



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