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Try Our Exclusive Private or Semi-Private Scuba Classes and FUN Charter Dives!

With us, it's all about YOU! Dive St John on our 6-Paq Scuba Cat! Our guests say she "dances, She flies, She floats... it's fast... it's a Magic Carpet ride! It's the easiest Dive Boat I've Been on!"

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Following is a run-down on general costs for the various types of diving we offer - Scuba, Certifictaion, Refreshed course, Advanced Diver, Adventure, Specialty and More training. Rates vary depending on on the class and time of year. Whatever it is...make it your day!

SCUBA Class Rates (shared - per person):

Solo Classes, Specialty and More Training...

Rates vary depending on the class and time of year. Email for Specialty, Resq, Divemaster, DAN, or Instructor rates.

Fun Dives (with our gear):

Boat Trips (per person):

Ask for group discounts.

Note: Boat prices include gear, imaginable incidentals, and backup everythings aboard, as well as a complimentary photo of your dives! We offer a photo CD of the days dives...technical difficulties not prevailing!

Who Is Your Fine Private Diving Service Designed for?

Private Diving is for those who want the boat and expert instructor and captain to themselves, or the most say in your day. Together we'll create your ideal diving day and the boat will JUST FOR YOU! We'll help you choose dive sites considering your abilities, weather and sea conditions.

How Much Will This Fine Private Diving Service Cost Me?

Private Rates depend on which trip you'd like. If you reserve the boat far in advance, or at last minute, your group size, and whether it is high or low season, peak holiday weeks, or spring break! Call for prices during your travel to sunny St John and see a whole new world.

Wondering About Something?

Please feel free to email us and ask! We'll do our best to answer any questions about us, St John or diving. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Be Sure to Book Early so You can Dive St John with Us! Our trips fill fast!

What you need to know before you dive!

Getting certified? Please read release of liability forms and have your physician fill out and sign the medical release form if you must answer yes to any of the questions.

Then there's that AGE-OLD Question...

PADI sets the minimum age at 10; NAUI at 12...Maximum age??? Well, we've taught a 72-year old Rescue and +60-year-olds to dive!

Please check out our cancellation policy on the bookit form page. Yes, it's your recreation, but its our bread and butter. Please only book if you're certain you want to dive! It's what keeps you diving the way you want to dive!


Thank you


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