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Our 8-Hour BVI Rhone or Reefs Trip!

The Ultimate Diving and Play Day! Everyone should do at least one of our combination diving and fun trips to the nearby British Virgin Islands while on their vacation.

As wonderful as St John is, the BVI's have their own feel!

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AFTER 17 years diving, boating and captaining in St John and BVI waters, we can show you some of the best spots above and under water, adding our own unique flair to your day.


We love to keep your party together, and so have trips designed for divers and snorkelers alike.  And yes, we will take you on a fabulous snorkeling excursion if you aren’t ready to try diving yet!  Both in the BVIs and at home on St John. 

We can reach most sites and, with our fast, smooth-riding boat gets you there with time to share tall-tales at must-do lunch spots. Customize your dive trip with the Baths, Tortola's dolphins, or other famed spots!


Make it Your Day! Talk to us!

Member of PADI and NAUI


- we do it all...NAUI, PADI or UNIVERSAL