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Adventure Dives!

Something new and exciting on your Caribbean Travel? The Thrill of Exploration? The Excitement of the Unknown?

We can check out new scuba sites together (seas and experience permitting). Who knows what we'll find, but whatever it is, you'll be part of it. This is a full day trip, USVI or BVI!

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Bring your friends along to enjoy the day together! With 30 years diving experience and 17 on St. John, join us to have some fun exploring new sites together! Its a whole new world!

Eagle Shoals

Colorful ledges featuring a hollowed volcanic structure encrusted with coral. Light streams from above like Capri's Blue Grotto! Divers can enter from every direction, with room for 8 divers to glide! Tons of large sea life lives here — turtles, rays, nurse sharks and lots of fish varieties!

Carvel Rock

Covered by National Geographic several times, it's one of the most alive dives around! Best from May to October when the cut is loaded with Silversides and Tarpon feeding on sushi. Swin through cuts, canyons and take a drift and slow cruise through more Silversides. See many large healthy Elkhorn coral, recently listed as endangered.

Cow and Calf Rocks

Loaded with swim-through's, canyons, color, fish, turtles, rays, lobster and maybe even a nurse shark or two. What more can you ask of a dive? This is Colette's favorite!

Little St James and Dog Rock

A series of ledges and reefs teeming with color, fish, turtles, rays, lobster and the odd nurse shark.


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