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Ready to Get Certified on your St John vacation? Our expert instructor will show you what you need and help you work through it all as you get certified.

Before you know it you'll be diving on your own in the warm, calm, blue Caribbean Sea. After helping thousands of rusty and new divers get comfortable for almost 30 years, we know what to do to make it easy for you to develop expert-like skills during your certification.

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With our expert instruction, you'll become a diver, not just learn basic skills. We go a step further than most dive operations. Our goal is to help you become a skilled diver, not just to get you into the water.

We take all the time that is necessary to make sure that you know everything you need to be safe and confident before getting in and taking your first breath underwater. That allows you to open your eye to the beauty of the underwater world!

We teach you the standard skills so you can do them with ease and perfection.

We help you adjust your buoyancy and dive "trim" so you can move gracefully thru the water, even reading it to "go with the flow".

When you're done, we both know that you'll be able to take care of yourself. Our student divers come back to dive with us year after year, bringing us their friends and family to show them the wonders of diving. Our return divers dive as well as the day they were certified.

We recommend doing your first 2 days from the beach and the third day from the boat. With "beach-room" sessions interwoven throughout the day, you can do your reading at home. That's right, with us, you'll do your class work right on the beach or over a burger and your favorite beverage!

The time on shore makes your first ocean dives go more smoothly, no waves or peer pressure, and of course with us, there's never any crowding. We only take 6 on our boat, and classes are usually 2- 4 people!

Your first day we will dive in the pretty blue water with colorful fish and beautiful coral. We start slow and easy, working with you to develop your diving technique and giving you time to experiment, further helping you find your own way!

The second day, you'll comfortably learn essential skills in shallow, calm water, and dive the reef. With what you learned the first day, this will be easy, smooth, and you'll progress rapidly!

The third day you will demonstrate your skills and that's when it all comes together. We'll do 2 great fun dives ~ lots of color, fish, life, and coral-swim thru's. We'll do 2 useful theory sessions. Before you know it, you're certified!

Already Been Diving?

If this is you, jump straight to day 2! We'll do a beautiful "get used to it" blue water dive, finish your cert, & you'll be ready to FUN DIVE. Or you can take the 3-day class, and have a bit more time!

We teach you to read the water so you can kick and glide effortlessly and handle current and surge as though it weren't there!

You'll love learning to Scuba Dive St. John, USVI, with us! We far exceed other dive operations in the success rate of certifying qualified, knowledgeable, happy divers.

In just 3 short fun-filled days, you can learn something new and experience a whole other world!

We've already worked out any issues on land before you breathe on a regulator for the first time and the awe and wonder kick in! (Kind of like learning to walk before you run!)

It's hard to tell that our students have just been certified, they've achieved a skill level beyond what most shops even attempt to deliver in an open water class....

Our student's buoyancy skills rival most experienced divers.


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Member of PADI and NAUI


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