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The 6-Paq commitment...our Cancellation Policy and how it affects you.

Our Cancellation Policy is fully described on our Book-It form and must be signed and submitted along with your deposit. Yes, unfortunately, red tape has found its way to Paradise! By the way, they aren't paving Paradise to put in a parking lot, so allow a little time to find parking!

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The 6-Paq committment:

1] If we've confirmed your dives with a deposit, we will take you, at the price confirmed when you provide your deposit. We will run our trip if we can do it safely. In about 12 years of boat operations, we’ve only had to cancel a few trips, and that was under extreme conditions.  We can offer an alternative shore dive, at your discretion.

2] We will take the time, all the time that is necessary to make sure that everyone knows what they need to be safe and feel comfortable on their dives before we get in the water.

   Colette Diede - Owner/Operator

Our policy is accessible through our "Bookings/Rates" Pages: We take a deposit to separate those who intend to dive from those who want to have a spot available to them if they decide when they get here that they want to dive.

Please only confirm your dives with a deposit when you know you want to dive. Unlike the larger operations, who often have empty seats available for last minute bookings, we rarely do!

However, the way we do our bookings, once we commit to taking a trip, we often turn away larger parties than the booking we took, so our divers and us cannot afford cancellations! Our trips fill usually early and often.

We always honor the first trip confirmed with a deposit. If we told you we'll go, we'll go...as long as its safe, and we ask that you do the same!

NOTE: Boat, gear and tanks are ready when we pick you up.  Although we have returned to contracting out our tank fills and maintenance.  This leaves us more time for diving and underwater photography!


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