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You want to Try Scuba Diving on your St. John vacation? You've put it off because you like to go at your own pace? Who wants to be pushed too far, too fast, NOT US!

Dive St. John USVI with Us, You'll love our exclusive expert instruction!


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Your friends have been after you to Try Scuba, so you can join them but it seems like just so much work? Or are you the one wanting to give it "Your Best Shot"… but they'd rather shop or hit the beach?

What better to do with an Hour or Two?

If you're not sure, before you invest time and money in Dive Certification, try one dive with us. Our expert instructor will show you what you need to know, and help you work through it all. Before you know it you'll be diving on your own and "In Your Zone" in the warm, calm, blue Caribbean water with loads of pretty fish, turtles, coral...just view or photo all the beauty of the underwater world.
After helping thousands of rusty or new divers get comfortable, we know what to do to make it easy for you!

Try our exclusive, patient instruction! Easy, Fun, and "In Your Comfort Zone". Start from shore in warm, calm shallow water, 3-6 ft. When you're ready we'll visit a reef in 12 ft and move on when you want more! This counts as Dive 1 if you decide to get your Open Water Certification.

Try diving with our expert instructor. Almost 30 years of teaching and helping with classes, we know how to put you at ease quickly so you can enjoy the most of your dive. Our trained eye will help you learn quickly... our students say how safe and comfortable they feel with us!

You're here in the Caribbean. The warm water's here within easy reach. St John's most-referred Dive Instructors are here. The pristine National Park Scenery's Beautiful! What better to do with an afternoon!


Make it Your Day! Talk to us!

Member of PADI and NAUI


- we do it all...NAUI, PADI or UNIVERSAL