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Where Do We Pick You Up?

Usually at the National Park Dock across from Mongoose Junction!

We're the ones with tanks and yellow bimini (that would be the yellow top on the boat!).

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Taking classes from shore?

We meet n Road 107 just past its junction with Centerline Road. Anyone can help get you there, but its 8 miles from Cruz Bay, pass the smoothie stand and turn right onto 107. If you go too far, you will pass the ball field and Fire Station.

Please call us when you arrive on island...340-626-7700 to confirm last minute details. We'd love to help you plan some of your other trips! Remember, "dis de islands, Mon..." Cell phones may not work everywhere...your villa may not have an answering machine. It's a whole different communication world and we may be underwater! If no-one answers, a text or email is more reliable than a voice message.

When to call us? Before 9 am or we are usually above water by about 3 pm local time...that's the same as EST in the summer, and an hour ahead in the winter!

If you leave a cell phone number as your only means of contact once you arrive on island, we may not be able to get through. If you do not receive our call back, please call again and, if possible, leave a land line number! Its not because we didn't try!


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